Product Mission

Hurricone A slippery floor is a potential disaster for unaware pedestrians. Safety cones, floor signs and barricades are widely used in all types of establishments to warn pedestrians of slipping and falling. Most establishments dutifully mop up wet floor areas even though mopping alone does not sufficiently dry an area where there is continual foot traffic in rain or snow from the outdoors, or where a spill has occurred.

Making the boundaries of the wet floor area with safety cones or other types of barricades serves to warn pedestrians, but does not help to alleviate the hazard. For this reason the HURRICONE™ does help to dry the floor surface with a continuous flow of air in 360 degrees and up to 15 feet in diameter. While drying the floor surface, the HURRICONE™ also warns pedestrians of a potential slip hazard using standard 36 inch floor cones.

Hurricone We understand that your facility cares about the safety of your employees, customers and visitors. Once they see the HURRICONE™ helping to make your floors dryer and safer, it will be yet another reminder that your facility/facilities goes out of its way to keep their employees, customers and visitors safe from a potential slip and fall incident.

A proactive approach when it comes to safety will pay dividends. Let the HURRICONE™ warn all who walk across the floor surfaces at your facility of potential slip hazards and assist in drying the wet floor surfaces at the same time. This cordless/rechargeable floor dryer will run for up to 12 hours and will decrease your floor drying time by 90%. The HURRICONE™ now comes with an on-board charger that enables the customer to recharge the battery from the standing position. Be sure to include a flashing LED light and/or an Octagon Warning Sign that both connect to the top of the safety cone; Now available...Four Scent Cartridge choices that work off of the fan motor and offer "Odor Neutralizer", "Cinnamon Apple Pie", "Spring Rain" and "Fresh Roasted Coffee" scents to enhance the area where the HURRICONE™ is being used. Finally, a new directional adaptor will convert your HURRICONE™ Cordless Floor Dryer into a Floor Finish Dryer that will dry floor finish 75% faster than normal evaporative drying. This fan will not ripple floor finish; allows you to focus airflow where you need it. NOTE: The HURRICONE™ Safety Cone will facilitate the on-board charger which is a convenient and unique feature.

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