Hurricone Specifications

General Specifications

  • Dries floors 360 degrees around unit and up to 15 feet in diameter (177 sq. ft.)
  • Cordless / Rechargeable - Runs up to 12 hours on a replaceable battery pack
  • Decrease your floor drying time by up to 90%*
  • Battery Level Indicator ∗NEW∗ LED and Audible warnings of low battery voltage
  • Battery Saver Circuit ∗NEW∗ Automatically limits battery discharge to optimize battery life
  • Battery pack can be charged internally or removed and charged separately to avoid taking floor dryer out of service
  • Safety cones can be stacked for easy storage and transport
  • Fits HURRICONE™ Brand, Rubbermaid®, and Lamba Systems® 36 in. safety cones
  • HURRICONE™ Brand safety cone meets new OSHA and ANSI standards ∗NEW∗
  • 1 Year Warranty

Fan Specifications

  • 50,000 Hour Long Life Brushless DC Motor
  • High CFM Airflow
  • Housing - Aluminum
  • Impeller - Thermoplastic PBT
  • Low Current Draw
  • High Efficiency
Battery Level Indicator Specifications

  • LED and Audible Warnings of Low Battery Voltage
  • Battery Saver Circuit Automatically Limits Battery Discharge to Optimize Battery Life

Charger Specifications

  • Electronically Regulated
  • Smart Charger Circuitry: Eliminates the Need to Unplug the Unit After Charging
  • Dual Rate Charger Senses Battery Requirements and Automatically Switches From Fast Charge to Float (Standby) Mode
  • UL, UL-C Listed and Carries the CE Mark
  • 110/240 Dual Voltage
Battery Specifications

  • 12-Volt Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) High Rate Series
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology for Superior Performance
  • Rugged Polymeric Case & Cover
  • 350 - 500 Charging Cycles
  • 5 Amp Fuse
  • Non-Spillable
  • Approved for Transport by Air; DOT, IATA, FAA & CAB Approved
  • UL Recognized and Carries the CE Mark

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